Thursday, July 18, 2013

Pastel Society of America

Happy to announce that "Winterscape" was accepted to the Pastel Society of America's National juried show in NYC


  1. CONGRATULATIONS Aline. Wonderful news...I'm looking forward to the exhibit this year...!!

  2. Now--what did I predict? A Grand Slam? Looks like it DID happen! You're in the PSA exhibit & in the Artist's Magazine finalists, too. Well done! I'm always intrigued by the images chosen by the various contests. This wonderful painting is quite different from the sunlit farm chosen by the other competition.

    All your works are great, though. At this point in your career, do you ever have 'failed' attempts anymore? I suspect you're at the same place as the writer who was asked,
    "What do you do when a story just isn't working?" He replied:
    "I MAKE it work."

    After awhile, it seems like that's every artist's job: make it work. If it isn't working, figure out why & then make it work. Eventually, it's a reflex action--I hope.
    Congratulations, Aline! L&K, MaryB