Monday, July 22, 2013

In Maine

Low Tide 9 x 12 oil
Maine Morning  9 x 12 oil
Quarry Depth   9 x 12 oil
Having a great time in one of my favorite places, Swan's Island, Maine.  Painting away and working on my new website!  It will be up and running soon.


  1. I love all three...the first one really caught my eye...
    wonderful work, Aline!!!

  2. Aline, these are just awesomely beautiful! The colors are jewel-like & all the scenes seem dreamy, somehow. Are you on vacation or something? These seem like works done on a truly beloved little island, perhaps one you've gone to for years.

    When I see these in a large format, I can't believe how little detail you put in, yet still produce such recognizable landscapes. That's an amazing skill. It must come from YEARS of 'stepping back 6 feet & looking."

    I work too tightly; I never trust that a stroke of color will 'read' as a tree or a cow or a swimmer. You have that trust. And that's why YOU make the big bucks, baby! Well, it's why you get chosen for all the best competitions, anyway...

    You are GREAT, Aline! I'm inspired by you. L&K, MaryB