Thursday, July 11, 2013

Artist Magazine Competition

Happy to announce that "Heading Down the Road" is a finalist in the Artist Magazine's 30th Annual Art Competition


  1. oooooooh that gorgeous light, Aline!!! A beautiful painting and CONGRATULATIONS for being a finalist in the Artist Magazine's 30th Annual Art Competition!!! You certainly deserve it...

  2. Aline! You just might end up with a Grand Slam this year!
    The Impressionist Competition, Artist Magazine, let's see--will you be in Pastel 100 & maybe the PSA show in NY?
    Why not? You're work is great enough to win them all!

    I love this painting, & not simply because it has 'Aline Coral'
    in it. As Hilda says, the light coming in from that unexpected angle is arresting. It makes your coral POP.

    I relish the ease of your work, Aline. It's very restful & looks as though you never struggle to achieve your lovely effects. You 'suggest' everything & leave it to the viewer to participate in the work. I get to resolve the trees & distant hills & interpret shadows, etc.

    You also manage to always have a 'story' in your landscapes, too. Where is this farm, where the heck IS everyone? Aha. It's sunset, the workday is over--they're inside, closing down, washing up, setting the table. There's a sense that life is going on in all your paintings. Folks are tanning on beaches, clothes are drying on lines, blue & red cows are wondering how they got that way...

    The stories are always intriguing & the paintings are always masterful. I surely hope you WIN. But who cares, really? If you can produce art like this, you don't need awards to tell you you're fantastic. Though it IS nice...
    L&K, MaryB

    1. Thank you Mary! Finalist is the end of the of these days I hope to win where you get a photo of the work in the magazine.
      You imbue my work with may more than it has! Thank you and if I ever create a book you can write it!!