Saturday, July 6, 2013

14th Annual AIS Juried Show

I am proud to announce that my painting, "View from the Ponte Vecchio" was accepted to the 14th Annual American Impressionist Society Juried Show!  165 paintings out of 1300 were accepted! A true honor


  1. Beautiful! I feel the atmosphere. Nice handling of reflections too.

  2. Congratulations, Aline!! This is an outstanding painting and no surprise to me that it was accepted in the Impressionist Society Juried show!!!!

  3. This is absolutely gorgeous,Aline !

  4. Aline! I hope you win! I hope you win!

    But even being accepted is just a fantastic honor, I know. Only a 165 out of 1300? Damn. You ARE already a winner--12.69% of the entrants were juried in. In the last Pastel Society of the West Coast show, 50% of entrants got in. I know these are hardly comparable 'Societies,' but it does emphasize how excellent your work IS simply to be one of the 165.

    But you & your painting deserve it! Haven't I seen this piece before? I think I've been stunned by those reflections in the past. It's a wonderful piece--the warmth of the buildings & bridge, the cool blues & violets of the water reflections (but with just enough warmth to bring them forward). You ARE a master of temperature, Aline.

    The composition is striking, too. The weight on the left of the buildings is balanced by the 'armature' of the bridge with the greens massed around it--& then the little rower on
    the lower left. The eye keeps circling around these elements, & gets to rest on the lovely water & sky.

    I also really like how you left the upper right of the sky so sketchy, letting the warm ochre of the building color peek through from the underpainting. That's a brilliant move.

    No wonder they chose this, Aline! It's a perfect painting.
    Absolutely perfect!

    L&K, Mary

  5. Thank you all! I don't think there is a "winning"....I haven't even thought of that. I was just surprised and honored to get in. By contrast, I submitted this same painting to the Oil Painters of America and did not get in. Guess I am an impressionist!