Thursday, June 20, 2013

Ten Strokes

 I often do a "ten stroke" exercise with my class.  This helps with strokes, making decisions about color with determination, keeping things simple, and technique wise, getting comfortable with loading the brush with paint.
The pepper and eggplant are my ten stroke demos, the artichoke is where it started and then goes.


  1. I love it if you would post a short video on the 10 stroke painting.

  2. Yeah, Aline! How about 5 or 10 hours on YouTube? While that would be a dream come true, just a brief video of you doing these little 10-stroke gems--in oils AND pastel--would be Big Fun.

    I STILL haven't tried this! My brain is just shot. Even when I write things down, I just blow them off these days. (Maybe having an 8 month & a 3.5 month pair of Rottweiler puppies has a little to do with it...)

    Whatever. I think these studies are absolutely charming. You should frame & sell them. And I love the artichoke! It's perfect.

    You surely eat a healthy diet.

    L&K, MaryB