Monday, June 18, 2012

Colored Glass

This painting, the demo in Monday morning's class, was a good way to show that painting the abstract shapes, not the idea of glass, results in a painting of glass. Not sure if the painting is done...may work on it some more at some time.


  1. Aline, what a gorgeous deep cobalt blue bottle! The green is awesome, too-all the glass is wonderful-& so hard (for others)to paint.
    But, since you mention it, the picture does not seem quite finished yet. The golden bottle seems uneven at its 'shoulders,'(where it flares out from the neck) & the base of the blue one wants to 'sit' more solidly on the shelf/mirror. It looks indented somehow at its base.
    And maybe you could add a stopper for the blue bottle, lying on its side, to the right of that bottle--or some other trinket. Marbles, maybe? They're glass. Hey-a glass, even! The right side seems a bit empty, but maybe you wanted that 'feel.'
    So, in my opinion, aside from just changing everything & adding a lot of stuff, the picture IS basically all done...
    Do I have nerve or what? Telling YOU how to fix your picture. At least you know I mean well.
    (I'm just trying to get more of that blue in the painting...)
    Lots of love-MaryB

  2. Oh Mary, I am so happy when you comment. Someday, I do hope we meet. I think you would enjoy my other friends/students! I often say I paint by committee!
    No, not done for sure but not sure it ever will be. When doing demos, I am always aware of the time as it is a class from 10 to 2...and when it gets too quiet, I do get nervous. They are a vocal group and quite wonderful. So, at 11, I feel I need to "wrap it up" so they get their painting time.

    1. Oh, Aline, I hope we can meet, too! You're so much fun. Maybe I'll go to the exotic East Coast one day. But I am scared of snow. It seems unnatural, frozen water falling from the sky. (Have I mentioned I'm a CA native?)

      Re: your demos. You have to slam these pictures out in an HOUR? Why can't your students just start painting along when the spirit moves them & allow you to paint on, too?
      Then again, if I were in the class, I'd be the first to start crying for your help once I tried to start my own picture.
      In any event, you did a GREAT job of showing the essence of "glass-ness" in this demo. I've concentrated on painting only the shapes, as you advise. I'm always stunned to find I have a 'mental symbol' for everything--even 'glass!'It's a continuous battle to paint what I see & not the 'symbol.'

      I'll bet your classes are a blast. Your students are truly lucky! L&K, MaryB

  3. ...and I think you would fit right in! I say I "play to a hard crowd"...always making suggestions and such. They are wonderful and tomorrow is the last Monday class til the fall so we will have a big pot luck. Yeah, a truly fun group.
    Good luck painting the shapes!

  4. Love this demo, Aline...outstanding reflections.