Thursday, July 12, 2012

I have spent the last month moving and having a relentless cough. Finally got in my studio this week. This is a 9 x 12 inch oil Sunspots


  1. I'm so sorry to hear you've been ill. I hope you're feeling better, Aline. This is a beautiful piece.. I love the way you painted the horses and those perfect shadows.!!!

  2. Hi Aline! Sorry you were sick. I thought you were at least doing something fun, like painting in France or something. Summer colds are the worst. And moving, too! Talk about an un-fun month...

    But you're back & painting adorable horses! They really are very sweet--they have such 'dignity' as they pull their little orange-yellow cart. You've captured real personality in them.

    One thing you did not capture much is their lower legs. Is it OK to leave that much leg to the imagination? I was distracted by it but only on the left side horse. Just a hint more leg, down as far as the other horse's, & I'd never notice. But that is just me.

    One other tiny thing: at first I thought NO one was supervising these horses. Then I saw the red shoulder. Then I saw the head. The head is so small that the driver looks VERY far away to me. Now, I wasn't there, Aline. You were. If the head is correct, forget I said anything. But maybe it needs to be a little bigger to make him 'right size' for where he is sitting, at least compared to the big horse's head just in front of him.

    This is a really niggling point, but you are so good, Aline, niggling points are all we have to 'comment' about! The composition is gorgeous, the play of lively lights & darks is wonderful, the color harmony is wonderful.

    It's really a fantastic picture of a wonderful subject, Aline, & it's perfect as it is. But my observations show I'm really looking hard, if nothing else!

    L&K, MaryB

  3. Hi Mary!
    THe guy was barely visible...glad you caught him at all. As to the legs, two things. Yes, I wanted it to dissolve into shadow there, but I also hate doing horse's legs! How is that for honesty.

    1. Thank God--you don't hate me. I thought I'd finally overstepped my welcome. (?) Listen, I'm with you on painting horses' legs. I must have re-worked the legs on a foal I recently painted nearly 20 times. From now on, all horses I paint will be artfully placed behind hedges, solid fences, bus benches--whatever it takes to hide those knobby knees. Life is too short. (I will also have them dissolve into shadows, just like the masters...)I never should have said a thing considering my OWN frustration with horse legs!