Thursday, June 14, 2012

This is the painting demo from Monday. Starting from the bottom as the beginning of the painting, I start with the big basic shapes and create detail within those shapes. Though these were white Peonies, no pure white was used.


  1. A beautiful floral, Aline! Gorgeous colors. Thank you for sharing the process.

  2. No pure white was used, & no flowers were harmed in the execution of this piece...Aline, this is gorgeous. And so simple! 1-2-3 & there you go. (So why don't mine turn out like this...?)
    Really, Aline, the looseness of this piece is what makes it so charming & yet so bold,too. It's like magic to see the 3 panels go from masses of color to 'detailed' flowers. Thanks for letting us see the progression; it's very instructive.
    You seem to use oils like pastels & vice verse--working in the two different 'mediums' gives you a really distinctive style:beautiful colors, scumbling one color over the other,knowing viewers LIKE to 'fill in' what's left unsaid. I think one of your greatest talents is knowing when to STOP. That is what is bold & arresting.
    If you did this picture in pastel, would you develop it in pretty much the same way as you show us in these 3 panels? Mass in the big areas, then pick out the details, except using soft pastels?
    Gosh, this picture is beautiful, Aline. Do you choose a palette for a picture prior to starting? You've got a warm ochre(?)covering the canvas since the flowers are cool 'whitish.' The vase is hue of 'Aline Coral'--often an earth tone in your pics, a deep hue was the sweater color on the clothes line that saved your last pastel--'Aline Coral.'Then, electric blue to wake it all up! Color choice is probably an unconscious act to you now, I'll bet. Anyway, thanks so much again for including 3 stages of picture making. You're fantastic! L&K, MaryB

  3. Hi Mary
    Always love your commets! Thanks! I do pastels and oils very similarly which is why I can teach them simultaneously. I don't pre choose a palette but I think I do work pretty consistently with the same one.
    Thanks again.