Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Yellow Awnings

This 9 x 12 oil was my demo from yesterday's painting class.


  1. Aline, you surely pack a lot into a 9x12" space! This is a wonderful composition--2 horses, the driver, the cart & the awning but nothing looks cramped! There is even plenty of area in front of the horses so that one isn't "led out" of the picture. Masterful planning on your part! You paint wonderful animals with only a few strokes. This lack of detail makes it seem even more as though they're moving. And I really love the yellow/blue color combo, too. You seem to use dots of pure color, like the blue here, as 'highlights'& it is so effective, I think. I sound like a big know-it-all when I pick apart your work, Aline, but I like telling you WHY I love your paintings. Plus, it helps to 'anchor' these ideas so that I use them in my own paintings. This is truly a winner, Aline! L&K, MaryB

    1. Thank you Mary. I do use pure color as "hits"...it is the idea of an intense color popping or coming forward in a painting in a similar way that a very light color can do so. I actually have trouble with the hoofs of horses especially in photos that don't show it well ...so being loose can rally help..haha!