Wednesday, March 22, 2017

a couple of paintings

 The landscape is an 18 x 18 oil.  I had done a smaller version as a demo and wanted to do a larger one.  The musicians are a 9 x 12 oil demo from class.


  1. Aline, these are both just exquisite! I really love these colors you seem to be using lately: the grayed blue-green & the deep 'rosy' brown. The harmony is gorgeous.In the landscape, your use of other grays & neutrals sets them off still more.I like square formats, too,for landscapes & you've created a lovely composition within it. Your musicians (absent the mic) could be from the Renaissance--there is a really timeless quality about them. I love your figures. You make them look so easy to paint--they aren't, but the lack of detail is their charm. You have to know ALL about figure drawing to paint them so loosely! These two works seem really exceptional to me. Thanks for posting them! L&K, MaryB

    1. Oh thank you Mary! I don't think many people responded to the musicians but I was pretty happy with them so it's nice to have them appreciated!