Saturday, February 18, 2017

IAPS Master Circle 2017

This year I was unexpectedly awarded Master Circle status with IAPS, the International Association of Pastel Societies.  I will be awarded a medal though unfortunately will not be able to attend in Albuquerque this year.   This 12 x 16 pastel, "Bartender" was accepted into the Master Circle juried show for 2017...a great honor


  1. Congratulations Aline! Well deserved. Love the colors in this. Those pinks!

  2. Congrats! Again beautiful! Love the abstract quality of it!

  3. Congratulations! My favorite part of your painting "Bartender" is that foreground wineglass ... I bet this is stunning in person!

  4. Aline, I think this is a fantastic painting! I am shocked, however, that IAPS did not honor you sooner. That may be why it was "unexpected"--IAPS noticed you weren't among the 'Masters' when you should have been there a long time ago. It IS a great honor & one you richly deserve! Like others, I love the glasses in this painting. Expertly rendered w/ a few strokes, they also serve as 'perspective.' They are large, the bartender is smaller. This pushes him back & brings the glasses forward. It's just this sort of attention to detail that keeps you earning the Big Bucks, Aline. I'm knocked out by how few strokes you've used in the entire painting. That's trust. I always overwork things: "no one will know it's a bottle unless I outline it in black & put every bit of detail possible in it..." I don't trust my 'viewer.'(Whoever that is.) I'm so happy you're getting this award, Aline, & I hope this piece wins an award in the competition. I think it should! L&K, MaryB

    1. Hi Mary...I didn't know about IAPS for years so I only started applying in the last couple of years and truthfully hadn't looked at the guidelines for Masters it was a lovely surprise! Thank you as always for your comments!