Thursday, March 17, 2016

watercolor figures

 So, someone recently asked what do artists do when they feel in a slump.  I go to a different medium that challenges me but also one where I don't have great expectations.  That way I'm learning without feeling pressured.  So, did these watercolor figures in my life drawing group.


  1. Absolutely beautiful. I love the poses!!!!

  2. Oh, I feel better knowing that even you feel the dread
    "Slump" now & again, Aline. And I really like your remedy! Normally I use pastels, but I'll play around with my watercolor & gauche sets. This will help me use them for underpaintings, too. I guess. Everyone says wet underpainting is where it's at for pastels, but I'm too lazy--& impatient. Then again, if my watercolors are truly awful, I'll be happy I can cover them up with pastel. I like your watercolor figures, Aline! I especially like it when you note the length of the pose. You really are terrific at the shortest poses! I'm really impressed by your 'preserved
    highlights'--that's hard to do.All of these are great.
    L&K, MaryB