Sunday, March 20, 2016

From the studio

 A couple of studio paintings from the other day. Not sure if they are finished


  1. A 'couple from the other day?' Wow. How fast DO you paint? Anyway, I like both of these, but I especially like the 2nd, with just the single horse. That one seems finished to me: you have wonderful big shapes & the color harmony is beautiful. I also like the composition & the sense of space--heck, it seems like I can feel the temperature of the late afternoon. It is a great painting, in my opinion. The first painting seems to want a few more of your 'happy humans' wandering in that lovely lavender street, perhaps. But you know best. L&K, MaryB

  2. Aline, I have a question: did you have a reference photo for the 2nd painting, the one with the single horse & the lovely landscape? I'm just curious whether, after doing a lot of landscapes, you can just imagine them? I know you've studied many horses, both live & in photos, & I know you've done the same with landscapes. Since you called these 'studio paintings,' I wondered if at least one came from your imagination.
    I think that would be absolutely brilliant! To have so much experience that you can truly 'create' a painting from start to finish. Even if you combined reference photos, I'd say that counts as your imagination. Over & out--L&K, MaryB

  3. Haha...I think it would be brilliant too! And I'm not! I did have a reference photo although I do change things. The photo I used had a second larger horse in the foreground. I put him in at first then took him out as I realized the design and power worked better. I play with the color but I was pretty true to the light. I can't work from my head completely but I can change a lot. I agree with your comment on the street scene and have been thinking about that. Thanks!!