Sunday, January 31, 2016

You can win this painting

I have donated "New Mexico Grazing", 16 x 20 gallery wrap oil on canvas to the Shaker Bridge Theatre as a fundraiser.  For each $25 donation you get a chance to win this painting.  More information is at


  1. Aline, this is so, so beautiful. The color harmony is perfect & it really looks like NM--crystal clear, so the sky is just that blue. And thanks for reminding me of 'CCAC.' When I was 20, my boyfriend & I moved into a tenement that was filled with students from The CA College of Farts & Laughs. When they learned we had no furniture, BOOM, the place filled up with lumpy couches & old tables & chairs. After partying for hours,the students started to leave but I yelled 'STOP! OK. Whose 7 foot banana is this? You can't leave it here.'
    A bushy-haired freak sighed & dragged his old art project back to his own place. It was a good try. We used the rest of the furniture for years! Ah, 1970...
    Much love, MaryB

  2. great story! Thanks for the compliment...hope you enter and win!