Wednesday, January 27, 2016

My paint sketches from my life drawing class. 5

5 min

5 min

5 min
 My paint sketches from my life drawing class...fabulous model!


10 min

one hour
20 min


  1. Damn, Aline! Your figures in oil are fantastic! I can't believe how much you get done in 5 minutes. It's one thing to mass in with charcoal, but you're doing it with oils. I'm awed. Where are you taking this class? I want so much to paint from a live model (dead ones just lie there--no fun at all). Any chance you might do a few with pastels? You do GREAT nudes with pastels! I love how you 'carve' out the head & hair with maybe 2 strokes. It's magical.But your work in oils is just as fantastic--& FAST. I don't see how you could think much & get so much down. You ARE making instant decisions here & they work perfectly. Just inspiring work, Aline. Much love from MaryB

    1. Thanks Mary. It isn't a class it's just a drawing group at a place called AVA gallery in Lebanon, NH right near me. Where do you live? I do teach a couple of figure painting workshops that are only a few days. I do them in pastel but just have been enjoying the paint. What is hard for me is creating a painting on canvas that is just about one figure...I have never been satisfied with my results. Maybe I overthink it with too much time. Even my one hour here is my least favorite.

    2. Hey, Aline--I live across the Bay from San Francisco (I see The City from my deck). Your response has given me the idea to look to local art stores/galleries for possible drawing groups. Thanks! You'd think there would be tons of opportunities around here but I haven't found them...I looked at your studies again & you're right. The quicker studies are really lively & super-expressive. Also,your 20min. study is almost as 'completed' as your 1hour study (tho the face has much more detail). I still love them all!
      I will definitely keep checking your workshop schedule to see if I can attend one--I'd love
      that! L&K, MaryB

    3. Mary...check out classes at the Academy of Art in SF or Oakland Arts and Crafts. Usually you can just take one class.
      thanks again.