Sunday, May 4, 2014

Pastel demo from Keene workshop

Here is my pastel demo from my workshop in Keene, NH with some of the stages it went through.  Tomorrow I will post my oil demo from the same workshop.  Lots of fun and a great group


  1. Aline, this is wonderful! I love getting a chance to see your intermediate stages. How do you keep all the black drawing marks from mixing with your pastel on top? Fixative? Or is it just the nature of vine charcoal? I am always intimidated at the prospect of 'figures' in my paintings, but you make it look easy as pie. I get too hung up in making things 'precise.' I must remember that the viewer will do lots of the work for me, right? Congratulations on all your 'juried acceptances!' You surely deserve them. I love all your work--even your toothpaste tubes. I'm kinda glad the class requested flowers, tho... L&K, MaryB

  2. The vine charcoal is so light it doesn't dirty the pastels. I sometimes use compressed charcoal as well and that too doesn't bother the pastels.
    Thanks so much!!