Monday, April 28, 2014


I don't really enjoy doing still lifes and am always thinking of something different to do in my oil class.  This is "Toiletries", a 9 x 12 demo from this morning


  1. Oh, for Heaven's sake! I saw your email 'Aline Ordman Art Toiletries' & thought: "How interesting. Aline is putting some of her artwork onto bathroom products--they're probably on sale at Etsy, or someplace like that...I wonder what images she has chosen!"
    Then I see this. I really can be an idiot sometimes.
    And you REALLY don't like still lifes, do you, Aline? All the glorious flowers & fruit in the world & you choose a used tube of toothpaste.
    Then again, it really is a wonderful picture--I love all the lost edges & the ceramic highlights. Every texture is clear, & the shadows are great.
    I love the purple in back. Again, you seem to break the 'warm in front'
    rules, until I notice the flecks of warm red/orange within & under the
    green. Brilliant.
    I'll bet you really mean this as a 'vanitas' piece, right? The worn toothbrushes & crumpled toothpaste remind us of mortality, & how we
    lose our teeth with age...boy, you're pretty deep. BTW, I'd buy a soapdish with this image on it anyday. L&K from your devoted & confused fan--MaryB

    1. Haha...thanks Mary! No, not deep...just sick of flowers. Though that's the request for next week's class..give them toothpaste and they start requests! Thanks again!!