Monday, March 3, 2014

Purple Vase and Beach Blanket Bingo

 Two paintings from this morning's oil painting class.
Purple Vase is 9 x 12 and Beach Blanket Bingo is 8 x 10


  1. Two beautiful paintings, Aline! The floral is the vase! And I love the beach scene with the powerful sky! Nice work!

  2. Aline! I just love the flowers--I wish I could play with oils, too. But your pastels, especially that last 'purple marsh,' are just as gorgeous. I think pastels & oils can look quite similar. The broad strokes of the side of a pastel stick can mimic a 'bravura' brush stroke in oil. I'm inspired by ALL of your works, both oil & pastel; they make me want to rush to my pastels & start painting! Much love--MaryB