Friday, March 7, 2014

PSA and Pastel 100

I am happy and honored to announce that I will be the juror of the Animal and Wildlife category of the 2014 Pastel 100 of the Pastel Journal.

I will also be one of three jurors for the 2014 Pastel Society of America's National Juried Show!


  1. Congratulations! They picked the perfect person for the job!!!

  2. Aline! YOU are going to judge animals for the Pastel 100? Is this based on your vast experience painting coral cows & blue horses? Don't get me wrong--you paint EXCELLENT animals. I adore your multi-hued creatures. (I thought it was an East Coast thing at first...). I'm just a little surprised--Pastel 100 is usually a bit more conservative. But this is great! I'm going to start on a pink elephant today!
    And you have ALSO been chosen to be a juror at PSA? Wowee!! The honors just keep coming! They are well-deserved, that's for sure. I saw your picture on the last page of The Artist's Magazine & was reminded of just how fantastic you are, Aline. It seems I am in vast company.
    Now, if I were to enter either of these shows, where exactly would I mail my, uh, my 'donation?' Right--that's what it is. A donation...
    Just kidding. (And in poor taste, as usual.)
    Seriously, both of these are SERIOUS honors, Aline, & each is a major recognition of your excellence. You have truly arrived!
    L&K, MaryB

  3. Thank you all. Yeah, I don't actually know why I was chosen for that category but glad I was!