Sunday, November 3, 2013

Along the green

This pastel was a demo in my class to show how to work from a photo or landscape but change the colors so that no major color from the photo is really in the final painting.  It is an exercise in understanding value and intensity of colors in relation to the overall painting.


  1. Beautiful demo, Aline! love the fall colors...

  2. Amazing, as usual, Aline. I learn so much just by studying your works. This is really an inventive way to help us learn the importance of value.
    (OK--the value of value.) I used to think it was terribly hard to judge value; like everything, though, it's a matter of practice. This picture really shows that lights/darks are relative to each other. You can use any color you want, provided it fits into the value pattern. Thanks for your wonderful examples! L&K, MaryB