Monday, October 28, 2013

Two horseracing demos

horseracing demo oil

Pastel demo horseracing
These are horseracing demos, one oil for the oil class and one in pastel for the pastel class.  They  aren't done yet.


  1. These two are really painted beautifully, Aline... You can feel the motion on both.. and the colors are vibrant.. Wonderful work

  2. Aline--your pastel of a horserace in Pastel Journal awhile back is what made me realize what a genius you are! This one is going to be just as fantastic. How do you get the reference photos for these pictures? (Or was this done 'en plein air' at the racetrack? The horses DO come around twice, I guess. If you worked really fast...). In any event, the colors are stunning, & I'm always awed by how easily you convey 'horse' & 'rider' with so few strokes. How do you DO that? I'd just have a blob with a cap on it. I'll just keep studying your paintings 'til I get it. L&K, MaryB