Thursday, March 14, 2013

On the Cape

On the Cape is a 12 x 16 pastel on Colorfix paper.  I am preparing pastels for Blue Heron Gallery to be delivered in April for the summer season.


  1. I love the texture on the sand created by the colorfix paper...wonderful clouds as well!!!

  2. Thanks Hilda. I like Colorfix paper a lot. Richeson is also wonderful...similar in look but with more texture

  3. Aline! You did a pastel! Yippee. I love the diagonals of the water & the beach meeting up in the corner that is dense with people, umbrellas & color. It is as though everything 'shoots' out from that one corner.
    The sky is brilliant! You've worked so many gorgeous colors into the clouds, & varied the sky color perfectly. The Colorfix paper DOES enhance the sand texture, & the jewel-like towel colors vibrate against the neutral sand color.
    I take inspiration from the way your paint people into your works, Aline. No facial features, just the cant of the body tells the whole story. This piece is masterful. I am reminded of the Impressionists painting 'beach scenes' where ladies' wore long dresses & bonnets, & men wore dress suits & top hats.
    Like those artists, you're recording 'our times' with equal beauty & sensitivity. You are simply a GREAT pastelist, you really are.
    L&K, Mary B

  4. Aline, what kind of pastels do you like? I'm just curious. I know you like Colorfix paper! It's great.

    L&K, MaryB

  5. Hi Mary
    I hope you see this as I can't find an email for you. Thank you for your amazing comments! I am doing some pastels right now for my gallery in Wellfleet and will post more. I have come late to the love of Terry Ludwig pastels...I simply adore them. I only have 60 of them and plan to order another set. I used Schminke in this piece as well. I love colorfix but also Richeson pastel paper...looks a lot like Colorfix but a rougher texture.
    Thanks again!

  6. Hi Aline! Yes, I see the answers to my question--I also got a set of 60 T. Ludwigs (Maggie Price Landscape selection) & love them,too. Frankly, they've made me lazy. I pull them out & don't bother using any others. M. Price made a great selection & it fits nearly all value/temp requirements for me.

    I got a 'deal' on 100 Schminkes set (Jerry's threw in paks of Colorfix, blenders, etc.) for $399. I wish I'd just bought the 75 half-sticks. How many gradations of 'caput mortem' do you really need? (I rarely use any due to the sinister-sounding name...)

    I got a pak of Richeson paper & did not like it--too rough for me. That was awhile back. Maybe now I'd like it. You handle pastel better than I so you can deal with those high grits. As I get looser & worry less about detail, I suspect I'll like the rougher papers. Colorfix is my favorite now.

    I'm so happy to see your pastel work again, Aline. However, more & more I realize that pastel most closely resembles oil painting. At least, the pastel works I LIKE resemble oil paintings. So now I enjoy & learn equally from your oils & your pastels.

    But you ARE a master at using the paper color in your pastels! In Artist's Magazine or Pastel Journal, you were once featured & they included a figure you did. It was a woman seen from the rear & you'd 'made' her hair out of negative space created by a few deft strokes. It was sensational--to 'see' so clearly in this way just knocked me out. And it probably only took years & years of practice to develop this 'innate' talent!

    Thanks so much for responding to my questions, Aline. You're the best! L&K, Mary (