Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Ferry Landing is 18 x 18 oil on canvas.  Have some reservations about it but done for now


  1. I like many parts of this a lot, Aline. I like the water, the rocks, the weird structure with the unexpected green in it. But I think I am thrown off by the completely yellow & orange sky over the completely blue & violet water.

    Water 'reflects' the sky, right? I wonder if scrubbing into the sky a few spots of the blue you've used in the water might tie this piece together?

    Alternatively, perhaps a bit of the sky's yellow
    painted just under the purple mountains, as a reflection in the water, would do the trick.

    Either way you do it, I think connecting the sky & water colors a bit might really solve any
    'problem' you think this piece may have.

    I can see why you love the solid yellow band of sky above the band of purple mountains.It's VERY dramatic. And I think It would look fabulous in a scene with fields or land.

    But with water in the lower half, I think the human brain longs to see the expected reflection of the sky in the water. OK, MY human mind longs to see this...

    L&K, Mary

  2. Mary
    Thank you. You are not the only person who felt this way and I'm going to look into it.
    How nice of you to take the time! Thank you.