Thursday, May 3, 2012

A 4 x 12 inch oil on canvas demonstration from my Monday class.


  1. Aline, this is just such a neat painting! It's wonderful! Violet is THE best landscape color ever & it works so beautifully against the orange & the yellow green in this piece. And you inspire me to be fearless about adding animals-the stripes of bright color on each of these is perfect. Up close, they're just blobs but they read as 2 horses & an ant eater.
    It seems you used a single square brush for most of this: it looks like strokes of pastel. I love the effect, especially on the odd size panel. I'm going to go open that 3" x 9" paper I got & see if I can duplicate (sorta) what you've done here.
    BTW, I just showed this to my color-blind boyfriend & he REALLY liked it. And it's hard to get color blind men excited about paintings. Thanks for posting your work, Aline!
    L&K, MaryB

  2. You make me laugh! Thanks...glad your guy could relate...can't imagine what colors he sees??