Thursday, August 15, 2019

susan's garden

Had fun painting my friend's garden in Peacham
8 x 10 oil on canvas


  1. This is the essence of plein air painting, Aline. It's also a master class in the use of neutrals to make colors look beautiful & natural. I'm having trouble with color harmony at the moment & this piece reminds me to use lovely grays/neutrals first & add brighter colors sparingly. It's like cooking: it's easier to add more than to subtract an overdose...
    This is just a lovely piece that gets prettier the longer I look at it. I'd love to see a similar painting in pastel
    (big surprise, eh?). Thanks for posting this! MaryB

    1. Thank you Mary. I don't do tons of plein air so when one hits me I'm glad. Happy you enjoy it too!

  2. Gorgeous piece, Aline. I love all the colors you used. Especially the splashes of blues..