Monday, June 18, 2018

One Plein air, one not

plein air from Peacham, VT

demo in class...see process below
Painted in Peacham, Vt the other day and then turned to see these cows so I took a photo and did the demo this morning.
stage one

stage two

stage three


  1. Wonderful work Aline! I love the progression in this... Always a treat!!

  2. I just LOVE it when you show your work, Aline. It reminds me to keep things as simple as possible for as long as possible. Usually, MUCH less detail is needed than I imagine. I also need to work the entire piece to the same degree; it keeps me from deciding one area is too precious to revise. And who isn't charmed by cows? (But I think they could use a dash of "Aline Blue &/or Coral." Blue cows are so you...)L&K, MaryB