Friday, September 1, 2017

Studio time

 A couple of paintings this week.  16 x 20 Sunrise over Peacham, !2 x 16 Fog lifting over Peacham

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  1. Aline! WOW--these two works are truly arresting! They're the kind you'd notice from across a room & run to see. I think it's down to design & value: your darks & lights are really intense & beautifully composed. I noticed the same quality in the pastels you posted about a week back--the plein air event you judged. Those were spectacular, too. Am I just noticing this or did you consciously work to 'punch up' the values in these works? No matter what, I think both sets of paintings are gorgeous. It's always a treat when you post pastels! I learn from all your work but I love studying your pastel application. Do you still mainly use Colourfix terra cotta? Have you tried Pastel Premier? Always curious...L&K, MaryB