Thursday, July 13, 2017

Looking Towards Fishermans Coop...Swans Island

12 x 16 oil on board..plein air for the most part.


  1. Hi, Aline--again, luminous water depicted with perfect little coral-colored buildings to set it off. This one &
    the two studies just before are beautiful. Where is Swan Island, anyway? It seems like a charming spot. I especially liked 'Reflections' from your prior post but that's likely because I find houses hard to paint myself
    so I cling to natural forms. Perspective is not as important. But you show me that everything can become subject matter if handled correctly. I simply need to handle everything correctly. Just like I never have before...L&K, MaryB

    1. Thanks Mary. I am happy you like's my favorite but a bit abstract for everyone's taste. Swans Island is a small island off of Bass Harbor in Maine. Nothing to do but eat, bike, paint and drink (but it's a dry island so bring your wine). We spend two weeks here each summer. Unfortunately, my back went out yesterday...does this sometimes and goes into massage therapist or acupuncturist here so it's lots of ibuprofen, heat a cold and rest...sigh