Thursday, May 4, 2017

Crazy Sides

Right next to my studio is this amazing food truck called Crazy was finally sunny so I went outside and painted.  8 x 10 oil on canvas


  1. Aline, this was quite a subject to mash into an 8x10 canvas but you did it with total skill. Really--composing around a big yellow square had to be a challenge, but you broke up the space into interesting shapes. The upper right side reads as trees trunks to me but on closer inspection it is simply a mass of neutral strokes. Amazing. I so admire your ability to render such passages! I also love the oils you posted just before this, the paintings at Balboa & San Diego.They, too, are beautiful. Thanks for showing us how it is done! MaryB

    1. Thank you Mary. They are tree trunks! I think the drawing is a bit wonky but am told it's part of the charm as the truck is a bit wonky....fabulous food though!