Sunday, April 9, 2017

Day 2 of Figure painting workshop

 We always warm up with the medium the student will use.  I used my brush on newsprint for the quick 1 minute to 2 minute warm ups.  Then 5 minutes to put a little color and then on to 10 to develop the colors.  My students did so well and we had a great model...Michelle..she will be at the Landgrove Inn workshop as well


  1. Aline, these figures are gorgeous! Are you using oil paint on paper? I know it is done, that the oil just soaks in a bit & it has its own unique effect. In any event, these quick paintings are great, very sensual with lots of movement. Why is the body so endlessly fascinating to paint? A curve, a shadow, a single line--capturing these in a human is SO thrilling. I'm doing portraits at the moment & seeing a face appear on a page always seems like magic! I need to find a figure class--or start my own! L&K, MaryB (PS--I agree: horses' hooves are hard!A bit too big or small & the horse looks ridiculous.)

    1. Thanks Mary! I use Artagain paper for most of the paintings...smooth no tooth and nice tones. I also used some canvas pad paper and toned them with a dark red. It was definitely fun!