Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Paris Garden

My oil demo...9 x 12 Paris Garden.  This was  a hard one.  I had to eliminate a lot of chairs and simplify areas especially below the chairs


  1. Having tacked similar subject matter a few times, I totally understand the difficulties in reducing complex forms to those essential shapes and color notes - Wonderful painting! You've captured the spirit of that scene - I feel like I'm right there chatting with the group. Bravossimo!

  2. I think I would love to sit in that empty chair!!!!! Outstanding work Aline!!!

  3. Hi Aline! Love this painting. You make me see how great it is to tell a 'story' in a painting, even a simple one like chatting with friends--it is a universal theme. I saw your lovely pastel in the Pastel 100 today. Big congratulations! I'm trying watercolor w/ a book titled "Paint Like Turner." I keep reading this as "Paint IKE Turner," as in, "Tina Turner's Horrible Husband." Once I get past that, the exercises are wonderful. Turner was so modern. I want to see that movie about him that came out maybe 2 years ago, "Mr. Turner." Again, congratulations on the Pastel 100 & IAPS MC awards! You richly deserve both! L&K, Mary

    1. Thanks Mary...you made me laugh again this morning! I haven't gotten the Pastel Journal yet and truthfully couldn't remember if I got into it...oy