Thursday, January 5, 2017


Roses is 12 x 24 oil on canvas.  This is a little more detailed for me.  Had fun and took my time!


  1. That is gorgeous! I'm always so impressed by your work, and it's always a surprise.

  2. Aline, this is beautiful! I immediately thought of Richard Schmid but these roses are definitely YOU. I love the color--truly a 'dusty rose.'While they are more detailed than much of your other work, the roses are still quite abstract. You capture their essence with a minimum of strokes. I love how they look both fresh & antique; I think it's the light brownish 'dried' petals(?) scattered among the pink petals. I also love the rich burgundy background with the light pink of the roses. But there is one tiny patch that pulls my attention--the distinct 'lines' of blue violet in the upper right hand corner of the background. I like the other smudges of this color in the background because it looks like 'smoke' floating around & making for a sense of mystery. But the distinct lines of this color on the right do not seem to relate to anything in front of them. Maybe they do. Are there 'stems' in front that I don't recognize? Anyway, I feel VERY weird writing this to YOU, of all people, Aline. You are the most awesome artist ever. But--I wrote it so I can't delete it now. Those are the rules. (Mine, anyway.) It's a gorgeous painting, (see Lexie36 above) Aline, just as it is. But I'd like to know what you think about changing those lines to another 'smokey smudge.' To me, it would make it a simpler, perfect piece. L&K, MaryB

    1. Hi Mary! Thanks. Those lines were actually in the cloth that was in the background and probably are a bit confusing but oh well. I can't take them out yet as I have entered this in a competition which more than likely I won't get into. I was thinking of Richard Scmidt's roses too...thanks! Happy New year