Saturday, January 14, 2017

AIS Small Works show

Happy and honored to announce that Pienza Cafe, 9 x 12 oil on canvas was selected for the American Impressionist Society's first annual Small works show


  1. Great news Aline! Congratulations! Love those lavenders and lilacs.

  2. Outstanding piece Aline.SO impressionistic!!! When I grow up I want to paint just like Once again..Congratulations!!

  3. Really impressive, Aline! Your paintings are amazing--up close, they are a mass of seemingly random strokes. When I move the picture away from me just 6" those strokes click into place & become a perfectly recognizable scene! It really is a form of magic. I, too, love the lilacs & blues. They really vibrate with your signature 'Aline Coral.' I love your interior scenes. I've been asking myself lately what I REALLY want to paint when I came across an interior in Int'l Artist mag that I loved. I looked up from my couch & realized the wall I faced would make a GREAT picture:
    simple shapes, great design, subdued colors (& reasonably neat). I know I like to paint living things & interiors surely indicate Life! Adding figures like yours is probably harder than it looks but I'd like to add them, too. Thanks for showing us your work & sharing your good news! This piece is definitely a winner! L&K, MaryB