Tuesday, December 6, 2016

In the Studio

"In the Studio" a 10 x 10 oil on canvas.  Really struggled here..wanted it very loose but recognizable.  The artist in the front was the hardest...finally made her "almost there" in order not to bring too much attention to her


  1. Aline, I just LOVE this! It is so neat! You've captured such interesting poses for each figure & then made them add up to a stunning composition. Making the frontmost painter 'barely there' reinforces the ethereal, timeless quality of the 'subject matter.' I know I get all analytical, but this piece reminds me of something an 'old master' might paint--his/her students bathed in the 'north light' of the master's studio, all of them struggling to get things right. I
    think this is a very special piece that speaks to a universal 'art experience.'You've taken 3 modern women & somehow transported them back in time to, say, Rembrandt's studio. The 'loose' quality you use adds to the timelessness: it doesn't even let us really identify the 'era' of their clothing, for example. The rich blue folds of the forward painter could be an "olde-style" sateen peplum. I think this painting is truly outstanding. It is unique. I've never seen any other painting like it. I've seen paintings of groups painting en plein aire, but never in the studio & never with the 'character' this piece has. Clearly, I'm no expert but I surely do like this one, Aline! I bet the Impressionist Society would like it, too...
    But get some other opinions, of course. BTW, Mary Xmas
    & Happy New Year! Sorry I've been scarce. I've been on a 6-month course of meds that make me depressed, achy & irritable. Only 2.5 months to go! Yay. I think. Much love from MaryB

    1. Thank you Mary...I never know if you get my replies but I don't have a way to reach you otherwise. Your comments are always greatly appreciated! I was pretty unsure about this one...I don't think it's for everyone, but I have gotten some nice comments. Have a great holiday and good luck!!

    2. Oh, yes, Aline, I always watch for your replies anytime I check in on your website! I shall now go to your other website to see if I can send you my contact info there. If not, I'll return & leave my email address here. (Like everyone else WANTS to copy it. Most probably groan when they notice one of my epistles...) L&K, MaryB