Thursday, July 14, 2016

2016 Pastel Society of America's National Juried Show

THRILLED to be accepted into this year's Pastel Society of America's National Juried Show!


  1. Congratulations Aline!!!! Beautiful painting!!!!!

  2. Well, neato burrito & socko taco! This is a gorgeous painting & I truly hope you 'place.'It deserves one of the Big Prizes. I just love your style, Aline. You manage to harmonize such lovely colors, your compositions always work perfectly & viewers feel serene after looking at your work. Good luck, though you've won simply by being accepted to a PSA exhibit!
    L&K, MaryB

    1. Mary...I do hope my replies reach you. I am so thankful for your comments!

  3. You bet they reach me, Aline! I check in as often as I can & I always learn a lot simply from studying your work. I really think you're one of the best artists working these days. You can make absolutely ANYTHING beautiful. I mean it. You seem to love whatever you paint, & because you paint just about everything, that must mean you truly love all life around you.Mary Oliver, the poet, once wrote that she did not want to leave "having just visited this world." You, Aline, are NOT 'just visiting' during your time here on Earth. You really see it & embrace it in order to paint it as you do. Everybody says so...L&K, MaryB