Friday, June 17, 2016

Italy again

I struggled with this one.  Some good suggestions have been made...making the figure on the left less strong, cropping out the sky.  All good suggestions.

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  1. Hey! How about adding a blue cow? It helps a lot of your other works...Seriously, perhaps the lady on the left could be, instead, a smaller, brownish dog trotting along. It could have a little shadow, too, but overall it would not be as large as the lady. Its shorter stature might balance the 2 figures on the left nicely, too. It could stand/sit/roll over in any way that best works in the picture. And it would explain why the little girl is hassling her grandpa...
    (I'm so late to the party here that you've probably solved your problem already, Aline. But it is always fun to kibbitz.) Much love, MaryB
    You could makeit