Monday, January 4, 2016


Mallards  oil on board 12 x 16

beginning of painting
This is my first oil demo of 2016.  You can see the beginning of it...thinking of just seeing shapes and values before completing details.  Wanted to keep it loose but recognizable


  1. A beautiful demo Aline!......LOVE the progression of this painting...

  2. This is LOOSE! I love the fluidity of your paintings, Aline. Your 'start' could have been anything--proving to me that abstraction IS the core of a good painting.
    I better start my own piece for today so I can paint JUST like you--when I'm 88. I wish I hadn't started so late in life. Oh well. I can always sing--that is what comes easily to me. Keeping a band together is the hard part. Your whining fan, MaryB

    1. I would love to see some of your work...and I wish I could sing well! My son sings as to my niece and niece sings opera...sigh...all I can do is paint a little

    2. "All I can do is paint a little..." Uh, I think the world has pretty much decided you're a fantastic artist, Aline! You have the awards to prove it, too. I'll try to get some of my better work compiled & sent to you. I could also send you a 4-song demo CD I made awhile back. Then you, too, could advise me to pursue music again & quit this crazy dream of trying to paint... Keep in mind that I sing jazz, blues & rock--no opera. But I LOVE having my 'instrument' with me at all times, ready to go. Luckily, my neighbors enjoy my singing, too--even 'all-repeat Tuesdays," & "wrong-lyrics Wednesdays"...
      L&K, MaryB