Monday, November 2, 2015

Santa Rosa Workshop

9 x 12 oil Vineyard

12 x 16 oil Santa Rosa View
 Just back from a wonderful workshop in Santa Rosa...great group, gorgeous house and vineyards
9 x 12 Pastel Vineyard

Our wonderful group in the house

6 x 8 oil  No Green

9 x 12 oil Kitchen

9 x 12 oil Red an White 

9 x 12 Red Chairs

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  1. Aline! These are lovely paintings, all of them. Your change to the vineyard painting made it work beautifully. It's an important lesson in remembering we are creating a 'painting,' not simply recording exactly what we see. Duane Wakeham got so tired of students telling him: "Well, it was in the photo so I put it in the painting..." that he blew up & asked: "Are you going to pin the photo next to the piece to prove how closely you COPIED it?!" This story made a big impression on me. Who wants to piss off a nice old fella like Duane W? And speaking of being POed, I surely wish I'd known you'd be at a workshop in northern CA. I'd have gone just to meet you! Then again, maybe it was only for oil painters or else, perhaps,it was a group of artists who knew each other. And who don't use phrases like 'pissed off' in polite company. Really--you just can't take me anywhere. Sigh. Best wishes from MaryB & her potty mouth