Friday, October 2, 2015

some minor changes

 So, I made some minor changes.  Still not feeling great.  The kitchen was too wonky, now it's just a little less wonky.

I mostly worked on the middle person's face and a few hits on the guy on the right.

I think I liked the ideas better than the execution


  1. Aline! Maybe you need new glasses. Still, I really like these wonky pictures!
    The kitchen one is full of light & color--maybe all it needs is a ruler run along the floor line of the cabinets/dishwasher. They are kinda 'undulating' but I bet you could easily fix it. Also, should the dark brown body of the counter meet the floor behind the forefront stool? That might 'settle' things a bit. But it is a lovely 'Aline' interior--full of lively colors.
    You really improved the 2nd picture! The girl looks great now. The man on the end still has a hint of 'Rasputin' about him, but now he simply looks like an interesting local. Where were these people, anyway? They seem rather nervous. Still, it is a very challenging picture, 4 portraits really, & you have pulled it off! Bravo! L&K, MaryB

  2. Thank you Mary! They were on the T in Boston...I took a surreptitious iphone picture.