Thursday, September 24, 2015

Peacham Plein Airs

Toward West Barnet  12 x 16 oil on canvas

Old Truck  9 x 12 oil on canvas
I discovered a beautiful farm with a 180 degree view in Peacham and had a great time painting there.


  1. Love the two!! The farm is outstanding Aline!

  2. You and I have some things in common--our name and our alma mater. . . And painting. I graduated from Cornell in 1962 as a govt major and ended up practicing law, despite love of drawing and painting. Before moving to NH in 1981, I felt alone as an Aline in the universe, so when I took up painting ten years ago, it seemed safe to sign my paintings "Aline". (My last name got attached to me by marriage to a guy I have long since divorced.). I started a blog only a few years after my plunge into this new "career" and called it "A Painters Progress." My blog is a lot of writing, includes wips etc. my website is as you see below a title that is simple and descriptive but again excludes the surname.

    So I have felt connected to you vaguely, but now that I know you were at Cornell, the connection seems stronger. I hope I will someday get to meet you. Perhaps at the Center for the Arts in New London. I have two paintings accepted in the regional show.

    Sent from my iPad, Aline Lotter

    1. Wow Aline...we are a rare breed for sure though when I moved closer to Montreal I started meeting many Alines. I would love to meet you one day as we are not at all far apart! I am in White River Jct, VT. I see you are in Manchester. I enjoyed seeing your work. I loved Cornell but I can't say much of my sense of art came from was all abstraction in the 70's. Thanks for letting me know about you. Hope to meet you