Thursday, August 20, 2015

Peacham Plein Airs

Peacham Red House 9x12 oil
Beautiful days painting and swimming in Peacham, VT
Morning Field 9x12 oil

Peacham Red Barn 9x12 oil

Far Field 6x6 oil on board

Cemetery Overlook 9 x 12 pastel


  1. A beautiful collection of your paintings, Aline! Such a treat to see a little of Vermont. I love the Peacham Red House!!!

  2. Aline! Beautiful paintings, indeed. Naturally, I'm staring at the pastel--you have a terrific set of 'greens' in it. You don't even follow the 'warm in front/cool in back' all the time & yet it all works perfectly. I enjoy studying your compositions.
    I learn a lot! Hope you've entered the Pastel 100--or are you a judge again? Maybe so. (They probably assigned you 'Abstracts'...) L&K, MaryB

    1. Thank you Mary. I think "rules" are made to be broken and I never understand these maxims anyway. I think I did enter the Pastel 100...who knows!