Sunday, July 19, 2015

Workshop Jackson, NH

Heading Down the Road oil

Kempton Farm Pastel
I am teaching a workshop at Ellis River Art in Jackson, NH in pastels and oils September 23 to 25.  If you are interested, contact Terri Brooks,


  1. I love so many of your paintings, Aline, but Heading Down the Road remains my absolute favorite - the colors, the composition, everything.

  2. Yes, Heading Down the Road is great, but I just love Aline's Big Butt Cows!
    They are so wonderfully languid & lazy. And blue, usually. I think the sky in
    Kempton Farm is gorgeous, especially the way the cool pinks & blues play against the more brick-red barn. Both are terrific paintings! L&K, MaryB

  3. I love both of them Aline!