Wednesday, July 8, 2015

A couple of figures

Am I done?
In the studio and did a couple of figure oils on canvas.  Summer is a hard time for me to feel motivated...just want to swim, read and bike...oh yeah, and eat!

Morning Tea

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  1. Hi Aline! I love all these paintings, especially Josie's Garden. Actually, all of them are charming, so bright & colorful. You should try to remain unmotivated;you do great work in that state! Aline, do you use many neutrals? I should be able to see this for myself, but the overall effect of your paintings are "Bright Color!" But you must be using neutrals because the paintings are never too bright. They're always balanced & pleasing to the eye. Could you comment on this? Also, who are your models? I'll have to become a faster painter--I can't ask a friend to pose for the many hours I need to produce a proper human likeness. Of course, you rarely add features to faces, especially in your pastels. The first time I ever saw your work was that spread in Pastel Journal--I was amazed by how much emotion you could pack into human figures made of just a few broad strokes of pastel. I especially liked the little boy running to his grandparents
    (?) in a park. And the blue cows in your landscape, of course...
    L&K, MaryB