Saturday, May 16, 2015

figure workshop

 Just back from the fabulous Landgrove Inn in Vermont teaching a figure workshop.  Great group, wonderful food, terrific hospitality of Tom and Maureen.   Check out for a beautiful get away!


  1. Aline, you do THEE BEST pastel nudes of anyone I've ever seen! I just love your exuberant line & juicy color & the immediacy of each pose--just the whole Aline Package. You are awesome. You create volume/form with changes in value but also temperature--I think that's hard to pull off. I especially like the way that you 'carve in' shapes like the model's hair with the background color. Hm. I guess that means you work easily with the negative shapes as well as the positive--yet another great skill. Finally, I admire how you use brilliant color that never is overpowering. These figures are glorious, I think, & I love your little 'pastel room' in the earlier post, too. Gosh. And to think you actually are known for your wildlife work!
    (See judges for Pastel 100...) Lots of love, MaryB (on her birthday, 6/2!)

  2. Thank you Mary...just saw this and it's so nice of you! I really appreciate your lovely comments...and happy Birthday!