Friday, April 24, 2015

Aiken and Charleston

Corner Chair

 Just back from a wonderful time teaching in Aiken, SC and Kiawah, SC.  Great students and beautiful locations.
Here are some of my demos

Mackinaw Carriage
Rockville, SC


  1. Beautiful work Aline! Wonderful colors and you caught the light so perfectly!

  2. Aline! These are fantastic paintings, all of them! I had no idea how exotic some of these places looked. I'm always in awe of your ability to capture such beauty with what seem to be 'slap-dash' strokes of color on your canvas! Clearly, you step back & look a lot, don't you? How else could you KNOW a dab here, another there would end up 'reading' as a horse, a wheel, a chair? To me, it is a form of magic, Aline. I especially like the interior w/ blue chair, & the street scene with palm trees. The latter is a lovely composition. They all are, but I really like that one. As for the giant trees & white houses, you really captured a sense of place--I've never been there but I FEEL like I have! All these works are just killer, Aline. And they come right after the posting of your 2 pastels that were accepted into the IAPS competition. The medium doesn't matter--excellent design & color harmony always works! L&K, MaryB