Sunday, March 29, 2015

IAPS 2015

 Thrilled to announce that "Suicide Six" and "On the Run" have been accepted to the 26th Annual International Association of Pastel Societies Juried Show
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  1. Congratulations Aline!!! Wonderful news but not a surprise... I love them both. The detailing on the horses is amazing. I'm almost finished with my portrait and I'm thinking of sending it to the society but it looks so'll see! Enjoy your day!

  2. Way to go, Aline! Two acceptances for the IAPS competition is Big Stuff! And I'd happily be your publicist. I find it easy to rave about your work since I consider it a kind of magic. I just looked at one of your pieces that was the interior of an Inn. There weren't even LEGS on the chairs but the entire scene was perfect, as were the colors & composition & mood. I'm not there yet. I still must put legs on my chairs. But with enough practice, I may one day do without them. I guess this is why you earn the Big Bucks & I do not. I still need legs. Sigh. L&K, MaryB

  3. Another thing...I scrolled back through your old posts & confirmed what I thought I recalled. 'Suicide Six' began life as a 'demo' for one of your pastel classes. That is pretty remarkable, Aline! I suspect many 'juried in' IAPS entries were the result of very careful planning & weeks of work. You, on the other hand, knock out a gorgeous demo &--boom--it's in the show. You're really a natural, Aline, & it's Big Fun to watch you 'wing' your way to success! Much love, maryB