Friday, March 13, 2015

Charleston Workshop

Downtown Charleston 9 x 12 oil
 These are my oil and pastel demos from my workshop in Charleston.  This was one of the best times I've had in a workshop....wonderful artists and a fabulous host!!  I'm thankful for this opportunity to meet and work with these great people and in a gorgeous place

Vermont  9 x 12 oil

Jane's sun room  9 x 12 oil

winter shadows  pastel 9 x 12

Beach time   pastel 9 x 12

Inn  Pastel  9 x 12


  1. Beautiful work Aline! I love all of these demos especially "Jane's sun room".....beautiful colors and love the light!!

  2. Aline, you make it all look SO easy! These are simply wonderful. I love the love you show for the people in your paintings. The body language tells us so much. The weight on one leg (e.g. the lady talking on the beach) & the tilt of the head shows that these are friends chatting comfortably. You make ordinary people luminous, you honor 'the simple moments' as we all should. I know I am waxing philosophical here but I truly believe it's these qualities that make your work extraordinary. I think I just got it--you paint 'now,' your work reminds us to stay in the present moment. Even your lovely interiors seem to have been occupied only seconds before. (As tho
    the housecleaner JUST left...). Big congratulations to you re: OPA! That painting is gorgeous. I especially noticed the fantastic color harmony-really lovely blue & light red shades that blend perfectly. The composition is great, too. I can't believe they've accepted you only twice, but then, there is no accounting for art awards. Speaking of that, what a surprise! A dog with an orange snout & turquoise highlights placed 2nd or 3rd in the Pastel 100! I was amazed!! I'm kidding, Aline--you did a grand job as judge & you should be doing much more of that. You produce so much excellent work!
    Your devoted fan--MaryB

  3. Thank you both so much! Mary...I think you should be my publicist!!