Thursday, February 12, 2015

X Country Skiing

This is a 9 x 12 pastel demo from class the other day.  When doing this one, I had to make sure to keep the details in the foreground and really simplify everything behind the figure


  1. Beautiful texture in the snow and love the colors and shadows!
    Amazing work as always.

  2. Was this scene just outside the window of the art classroom, too? It looks awfully cold where you live, Aline! But this is a terrific picture. It shows your great gift for composition. I always marvel at the seeming simplicity of your subjects--then I look more closely & discover the secret details that make it all work. The lines in the snow from the skis are a 'path' into the picture & also carry the viewer into the distance, too. The human is right in the 'sweet spot' of the golden mean, while the buildings are in another. You've also painted bright snow & dark, shadowed snow. Taken all together, you've produced a LOVELY picture, Aline. You finished the distant trees & buildings just perfectly--the skier is definitely the star. Thanks for showing us how it can happen! L&K, MaryB