Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Suicide Six

My pastel class is in Pomfret, VT at the beautiful Artistree.  The room where I teach looks out onto the Suicide Six ski area.  Today's demo was done looking at that view...9 x 12 Terry Ludwig pastels on Colorful paper


  1. Aline! This pastel & the Uneasy Apples are wonderful, just lovely! When I saw "Suicide Six," well, I just didn't know what to expect...turns out to be a ski slope.
    Anyway, the pieces are great & you match up well with Terry Ludwig pastels--they suit your style totally. (Are you using a particular set? e.g."Plein Air 60"). And is 'Colorful' paper the same as 'Colorfix?' That's what you usually use. Thanks so much for saying that there is no 'easy' painting--that helps a LOT, coming from you. I also appreciate you showing us how you interpret photos. Many of us have to use them due to injuries that prohibit plein air sessions. You are a master at 're-imagining' scenes. I love the way you can plug in people where you want them. Your wisdom is wildly appreciated!! Many thanks from MaryB

  2. Always a pleasure to visit you, Aline! This is a beautiful piece that one can't get tired of looking at. I love Terry Ludwig's rich colors.... the shadows on the slope as well as those blues are gorgeous...

  3. Thank you both! It is Colorfix paper..I think that was an autocorrect! I can't remember which pastel set I started with...I replace them individually.