Thursday, January 29, 2015

"Out the Window"

This was my demo from my pastel class yesterday.  Once again, the view out the window was compelling though quite gray.  I talked about changing the colors to make it more dynamic while still saying mountain and snow.  I had a house in the original sketch as you can see but as I added color, I saw that it was distracting and need to go.

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  1. Aline, you are a magician. Seriously. You simply place patches of color next to each other & they 'read' as fully developed, even detailed objects in the distance. (Is it your fussy, meticulous under-painting, maybe?) Anyway, I really, really admire your wonderful, free style. I do not trust my drawing skills, I guess. I want the safety of an 'outline'--even though I'm the one who 'draws' the outline in the first place! But I'm getting better at loosening up. It takes lots of practice, whether I want to believe that or not. I need to be patient & keep on painting. It is wonderful to have your art to inspire me, Aline, & I appreciate seeing even your very minimal 'beginnings.' Anytime you can include such photos of the preliminary stages of your work, it makes for a VERY instructive lesson for us, your Dear Readers. But it's all great, Aline, whatever you can post! Thanks so much--MaryB